Aerobatic Fun Scale Model
Of Airshow Pilot Erik Edgren's Clipped Wing Taylorcraft

"T-CLIPS" is no ordinary clipped wing Taylorcraft. Originally a stock 1939 Taylorcraft, this is the only clipped wing T'craft in the world currently flying airshows with an original size engine. Airshow pilot Erik Edgren refers to this as "Twistin It Old School".

The SIG T-CLIPS 70 EG ARF is a sport scale version of Erik's striking red and black show stopper. Designed for a "60" size electric motor or glow engine, the T-CLIPS 70 flies as good as it looks. Basic precision aerobatics are its specialty - inside and outside loops, slow rolls, point rolls, snap rolls, cuban eights, spins, and inverted flight are routine for this everyday sport aerobatic airplane.

  • 70 inch Wingspan ("60 size").
  • SIG "EG" Series - For Electric or Glow Power.
  • Handcrafted Wood ARF.
  • CAD Drawn, Laser-Cut, and Factory Jig Assembled.
  • 2-Piece Wing Design with Aluminum Tube Wing Joiner.
  • Clear Windshield and Side Windows.
  • Magnetic Top Hatch.
  • Aluminum Landing Gear.
  • Fiberglass Cowling and Wheel Pants.
  • Covered with Oracover® (aka UltraCote®) Premium Film.
  • Complete Pushrods and Hardware.
  • Illustrated Assembly Manual.

All major components are factory built and ready for final assembly. Covered with Oracover® (aka UltraCote®) premium film.

Wing Span 70 in. 1778 mm
Wing Area 860 sq. in. 55.5 dm2
Length 50 in. 1270 mm
Flying Weight 7 - 7.8 lbs. 3175 - 3538 g
Wing Loading 19 - 21 oz./sq. ft. 57 - 64 g/ dm2
Radio Req. 4-Channel with 5 Standard Servos (glow)
4-Channel with 4 Standard Servos (electric)
Glow Power 2-Stroke .53 - .61 cu. in. (8.6 - 10.0 cc)
4-Stroke .53 - .65 cu. in. (8.6 - 10.7 cc)
Electric Power 1200 - 1700 watt Brushless Motor
(300 - 400 kv)
75A Speed Control (ESC)
4S-6S 4000 - 5000 mAh Lipo Battery Pack

Fiberglass Cowling. Molded clear windshield and side windows. Aluminum main landing gear with fiberglass wheel pants.

Removable magnetic hatch for easy access and quick battery change for electric power installations.

Striking red and black "spiked" color scheme looks great in the air - just like airshow pilot Erik Edgren's full-scale T-CLIPS.

"EG" means it can be flown with glow or electric power. Here is a typical 2-Stroke glow engine installation.
T-Clips 70 EG ARF Model Airplane
Fin covering flows beautifully into the fuselage just like the full-scale T-CLIPS.

Two-piece wing design with super strong aluminum wing joiner tube. Easy to transport and easy to store.
T-Clips 70 EG ARF Model Airplane
Sport scale aerobatics at its best! A dynamite demo or fun fly airplane for club events.

Click the link below to download the Instruction Manual in a new window.
SIG T-CLIPS 70 EG ARF Pdf (1.5 Mb)

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