The Rascal 110 EG ARF is a giant size sport model that provides outstanding flying characteristics using a wide range of power systems. Whether you prefer glow engines, gas engines, or electric power, the Rascal's classic good looks and dream-come-true flying characteristics will quickly make it your favorite R/C airplane. "Smooth", "Solid", "Comfortable", "Gentle as a Cub and aerobatic", "a Cub on steroids", are some of the words Rascal pilots use to describe flying a "110".

Streamlining and a high performance airfoil allow the Rascal 110 to do aerobatics that are impossible for most high wing airplanes. Breeze through inside and outside loops, slow rolls, point rolls, inverted flight, cuban 8s, and even knife edge flight.

The light wing loading of the Rascal 110 also makes it a versatile workhorse.

Float flying, banner or glider tow, onboard photography and video (several universities and the military are using them), parachute drop, night flying with add-on lights, and just about any other load carrying task is easy for the giant Rascal 110.

The Rascal 110 is a beautifully handcrafted all-wood ARF.

Assembly is fast and simple. All the parts were CAD-drawn, laser-cut, and jig assembled, which means that everything fits the way it should.

  • Quick And Easy Assembly
  • Factory Jig Built All-Wood Airframe
  • Factory Painted Fiberglass Cowling & Wheel Pants
  • Factory Painted Spring Aluminum Landing Gear
  • CNC Laser Cut For Perfect Parts Fit
  • Covered With Premium UltraCote® (aka ORACOVER®)
  • Factory Painted Airfoil Shaped Wing Struts
  • Complete Leaf-Spring Tailwheel Assembly
  • Illustrated Step-By-Step Assembly Manual
Available in two color schemes, the Rascal 110 EG ARF is expertly covered with premium UltraCote® (aka ORACOVER®) Transparent Red or Transparent Blue with White trim.

Flaps For Short Field Takeoffs and Landings (Operating On 5th Channel)

Laser-Cut Plywood
Electric Power Mounts Included

2-Piece Wing For Easy Transport

Click the link below to download the video in a new window.
Rascal 110 ARF (3.6 MB)

Wingspan: 110 in. 2794 mm
Wing Area: 1522 sq. in. 98.2 dm²
Length: 75.75 in. 1924 mm
Flying Weight: 11 -13 lbs. 4990 - 5897 g
Wing Loading: 17 - 20 oz./sq.ft. 51-60 g/dm²
Glow Power: 2-Stroke 1.2 - 1.5 cu. in.
4-Stroke 1.2 - 1.8 cu. in.
20 - 25 cc
20 - 30 cc
Gas Power: 1.2 - 1.8 20 - 30 cc
Electric Power: 1600 - 2600 watt (200 - 270 kv) Brushless Motor;
80-120A ESC; 8S-10S Lipo Battery Pack
Radio Required (for Glow or Gas): 5-Channel with 7 Heavy-Duty Servos
Ailerons(2), Elevator(1), Rudder(1), Throttle(1), Flaps(2)
Radio Required (for Electric): 5-Channel with 6 Heavy-Duty Servos
Ailerons(2), Elevator(1), Rudder(1), Flaps(2)

Click the link below to download the Instruction Manual in a new window.
SIG RASCAL 110 EG ARF Pdf (1.5 Mb)

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