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Where you find out all you need to know about building and flying Model Airplanes

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Below are the important technical specs on each of our new airplanes. For complete details on each airplane, as well as the opportunity to pre-order yours, click on the airplane's title or picture.

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The Ultimate Hybrid 3D Aircraft

From Sig!

Two airframes consistently top 3D pilots' list of favorite models. Now, you can experience the best of both planes with the SIG EDGEtra EP ARF! The new EDGEtra is a hybrid aircraft that masterfully blends the fuselage of the EDGE with the wings of an Extra.

With numerous additional design enhancements, this plane offers an all-out 3D aerobatics thrill like you have never flown. For over 60 years, SIG Mfg. has made outstanding model aircraft for the RC hobby. In the last decades, SIG has designed some of the best sport aerobatic planes available. We now bring that quality in design and performance to the 3D market with the SIG EDGEtra EP ARF.

Experience Insane 3D Performance!

Experience the EDGEtra!
EDGEtra ARF Model Airplane
Wing Span: 60 in (1524 mm)
Wing Area: 675 sq in (43.5 dm2)
Length: 60 in (1524 mm)
Flying Weight: 5.5 - 6 lbs (2495 - 2722 g)
Wing Loading: 18.8 - 20.5 oz/sq ft (56.4 - 61.5 g/dm2)
Radio Req. 4-Channel with
4 High Torque Mini Servos
Motor Req. Brushless Motor 600 - 1200 Watt
(550 - 800 kv)
ESC Req. 75A Speed Control
Battery Req. 4S 4000 - 5000 mAh LiPo Battery Pack
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Wing Span: 168 in. (4267.2 mm)
Wing Area: 3710 in˛ (239.3 dm˛)
Length: 120 in (3048 mm)
Flying Weight: 40 - 44 lbs (18143.7 - 19958.1 g)
Wing Loading: 24 - 27 oz./sq ft (73 - 82 g/dm˛)
Gas Power: 3.05-3.97 (50 - 65 cc)
Electric Power: 5000 - 6500 watt (160 - 230 kv)
Brushless Motor; 120A HV ESC;
12S Lipo Battery Pack
Radio Req. Gas:
5-Channel with 7 Heavy-Duty Servos
Ail(2), Elev(1), Rud(1), Thro(1), Flaps(2)
5-Channel with 6 Heavy-Duty Servos
Ail(2), Elev(1), Rud(1), Flaps(2)
Kadet Seniorita Sport EP ARF Model Airplane
Click the airplane for more details

Wing Span: 80 in (2032 mm)
Wing Area: 800 in˛ (51.7 dm˛)
Length: 56 in (1422.4 mm)
Flying Weight: 7 - 7.5 lbs (3175 - 3402 g)
Wing Loading: 16 - 18 oz/sq ft (46 - 51 g/dm˛)
Radio Req. 4-Channel w/ 4 Standard Servos (Electric)
4-Channel w/ 5 Standard Servos (Glow)
Glow Power: 2-Stroke .46-.55 (7.5 - 9 cc)
4-Stroke .53-.65 (8.7 - 11 cc)
Electric Power: Brushless Outrunner Motor 600 - 1100 w;
400 - 700 kV;
60-80A Speed Control (ESC);
4-5S 4000 - 5000 mAh LiPo Battery Pack
Rascal 80 EG ARF Model Airplane
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Wing Span: 70 in (1778 mm)
Wing Area: 900 in˛ (58.1 dm˛)
Length: 57 in (1447 mm)
Flying Weight: 6 - 6.25 lbs (2720 - 2835 g)
Wing Loading: 15 - 16 oz./sq ft (47 - 49 g/dm˛)
Radio Req. 4-Channel w/ 5 Standard Servos (glow)
4-Channel w/ 4 Standard Servos (electric)
Glow Power: 2-Stroke .40 - .46 cu. in. (6.5 - 7.5 cc)
4-Stroke .40 - .54 cu. in. (6.5 - 8.8 cc)
Electric Power: 500 - 800 watt (800 - 1000kv) Brushless
50 - 75A Speed Control (ESC);
3S-4S 4000-5000 mAh LiPo Battery Pack
Kadet Seniorita Sport EP ARF Model Airplane
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Model Airplane Company - SIG Mfg is a proud manufacturer and supplier of R/C Radio Control, C/L Control Line and F/F Free Flight Recreational Model Airplanes, both BIY Build It Yourself and ARF Almost Ready to Fly. We also supply Gas Engines, Glow Engines, Radio System Equipment, Hardware and Accessories for Model Airplanes, Balsa Wood, Basswood, Birch and Plywood, Adhesives, Paints and Glow Fuel for cars, airplanes, helicopters and boats. Our technical line offers help and advise to recreational aviation modlers and orders can be made by phone, fax, email or web.

Product Features/News

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This new version of the legendary KADET SENIORITA has been "sporterized" with the addition of large barn door style ailerons and a tail dragger landing gear with wheel pants.

Few airplanes can provide the same degree of all out aerobatic performance combined with comfortable handling characteristics as the SIG SOMETHIN' XTRA EG ARF.

The SIG T-CLIPS 70 EG ARF is a sport scale version of Erik's striking red and black show stopper.

The legendary SIG KADET SENIOR EG ARF is one of the most versatile R/C model airplanes ever designed!
Originally a stock 1939 Taylorcraft, this is the only clipped wing T'craft in the world currently flying airshows with an original size engine.
Sig has a full line of high purity CA Adhesives specially formulated to meet the tough demands of building and repairing model airplanes.