When it comes to pushrods to drive the elevator and rudder, ideally you are looking for a material that will provide maximum rigidity at minimum weight.

You can't expect precise maneuvers from an aircraft whose pushrods are sagging or bending under the air loads on the control surfaces.

With these tough SIG AERO-SHAFT PUSHRODS you'll never have to worry about that problem again! Made of a high-tech carbon/fiberglass composite, these pushrods are far stronger and stiffer than balsa sticks, hardwood dowels, or aluminum tubes. Yet they are amazingly light weight! Although they can be used on most any size model from .30-powered on up, SIG AERO-SHAFT PUSHRODS are particularly suitable for the heavy control surface loads encountered in quarter-scale and giant-scale models.
Complete with:
  • 30" Aero-Shaft Tube
  • Threaded Rod
  • Solder Link
  • R/C Link
  • Dowel Plugs

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