Speed Controls
The latest technology from Germany is incorporated into this microprocessor controlled electric speed control and is built using SMT technology.

KAV6485 Features automatic settings for each transmitter, acoustic communications, temperature overload protection and current limiter.
Dimensions 26x19x6mm (1.0x0.75x0.25 inches)
Weight w/cable & connectors 20 grams (0.71 ounces)
Continuous current 11 amps
Maximum cells 6-10 cell, 5 volt nicad
BEC Circuit 4 micro servos
Brake On/Off
Connectors Included Kavan K2Gold Connectors
For Motor Usage Speed 400
Dimensions 14x14x5mm (0.55x0.55x0.20 inches)
Weight w/cable & connectors 7 grams (0.25 ounces)
Continuous current 5 amps
Maximum cells 6-8 cell, 5 volt nicad
BEC Circuit 3 micro servos
Brake No
Connectors Included Kavan K1Gold Connectors
For Motor Usage Speed 300 & smaller
KAV6483 Features automatic setting of high and low points, improved linear throttle control, BEC with power cut off and transmitter selectivity to prevent accidental power ons.

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