Copy of Dealers revised

Welcome to our new website. If you are an existing dealer please log in by clicking on the silhouette icon at the top of the page. Login using the email and password you recently provided to us when responding to our email invitation.

If you have not yet signed up to use this website or are experiencing difficulties logging in, please contact us at 641-623-5154.

Once you have logged in, dealer prices are displayed in Blue next to the crossed out MAP price in black. Dealers are not subject to shipping surcharges, with the following exception:
All Seagull brand ARFs.
The shipping surcharge for Seagull is included in the price shown in Blue for these airplanes.
If you have a net 30 account set up with SIG, click on the net 30 button during checkout and your order will be transmitted to us and you will be invoiced in the normal way.
If your account is not net 30 you will have the option to pay using a credit card.
  • Your order total must be at least $150.00 to qualify for free shipping. This excludes any Hazmat fees or applicable Shipping surcharges. If Hazmat fees apply, you will be contacted by our office with those charges.The free shipping offer applies only to domestic orders. All international orders can be submitted through this site, however you will be contacted with additional charges for shipping.