A Compact "Hands Off" Trainer

This compact version of the KADET SENIOR is designed for modelers who have a small car or apartment-size workshop. The KADET SENIORITA features the same forgiving flight characteristics of the larger SENIOR, but in a smaller package.

Both the KADET SENIOR and KADET SENIORITA are also popular with experienced fliers who are tired of the nerve racking panic that can accompany a faster model. The KADET SENIORITA flies so slowly and gently that just about anyone can handle it on their very first try! If the student pilot gets confused, merely let go of the control sticks and the KADET SENIORITA will recover itself and return back to level flight.

Pilots of all skill levels get a real charge out of the pure flying pleasure that a KADET can provide. It's the perfect model for out-of-the-rut, pure fun flying. Slide in for a main gear only touch and go. Fly backwards. Catch a thermal. Pylon race with other KADETS. Formation flying. Follow the leader. These airplanes are so slow, stable, and predictable that you'll find yourself doing things you never thought possible before.

Click here to view a short video of the Kadet Seniorita flying.

Optional SIG Kadet Seniorita ACCESSORY KIT - All the accessories you need to complete your Kadet Senior. Order No. SIGAK260

Wingspan 63 in 1600 mm
Wing Area 746 in² 48.0 dm²
Length 50 in 1270 mm
Flying Weight 3.75 lbs 1700 g
Wing Loading 12 oz/sq ft 35 g/m²
Radio Required 3-Channel with 4 Standard Servos (not included)

Engine Required
(not included)

Set Up Specifications

















2-Stroke .15 - .25 cu. in. (2.5 - 4.0 cc)
4-Stroke .21 - .35 cu. in. (3.4 - 5.7 cc)


Elevator     1/2 inch 13 mm Up and Down    
Rudder     5/8 inch  16 mm Right and Left  
Center of Gravity 3  1/8 inch 79 mm Back at leading edge  
Dihedral   3  3/4 inch 95 mm Pre Wing Panel  
Incidence   +1-1/2 degree wing, 0 degree stabilizer      
Engine Offset 6 degree down, 3-1/2 degree right      
    English Metric Number Required  
Pilot   2      inch 51 mm 1    
Main Wheels 2.25 inch 57 mm 2    
Nose Wheel 3.25   83 mm 1    
Fuel Tank   6 ounce 177 cc 1    
Spinner   1  3/4 inch 44 mm 1    
Covering   3 rolls depending on trim scheme  

  • Formed Wire Landing Gear
  • Nose Gear Bearing
  • Clear Plastic Windows
  • Full-Size Plans
  • SIG Easy Hinges
  • Engine Mounts
  • Control Horns
  • Super Lightweight Balsa/Ply Structure
  • Precision Die-Cut Ribs and Formers
  • Photo-Illustrated Assembly Manual
  • Free copy of "The Basics Of R/C"
  • Elevator and Rudder Pushrods
  • Complete Hardware Pack
  • R/C Links and Rods
Kadet Seniorita Kit Instruction Manual
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