Introduced at the 1998 National Model and Hobby Show, the new SIG SOMETHIN’ EXTRA® was a major hit with retailers and consumers alike! The SOMETHIN’ EXTRA® has it all; good looks, incredible performance, SIG quality balsa and ply construction and every part in the kit is laser-cut! This SIG kit can literally be built as fast as the modeler can apply CA glue and set it with accelerator.

The SOMETHIN’ EXTRA® employs a unique removable wing feature, based on an ultra-light and ultra strong tube system. This allows for super-easy building, transport and storage.
The flying capabilities of this model are virtually unlimited due to its thick airfoil section and very light wing loading. Of course, everything required to build the kit is included, right down to the great looking landing gear and wheel pants.

Wingspan 51.5 in 1308 mm
Wing Area 614 sq in 39.6 dm²
Length 48.25 in 1225 mm
Flying Weight 4.25 - 4.75 lbs 1928 - 2155 g
Wing Loading 15.9 - 17.8 oz./sq ft 48.7 - 54.4 g/dm²
Radio Required 4-Channel with 5 Servos (not included)

Engine Required
(not included)


Set Up Specifications




















2-Stroke .40 - .46 cu. in. (6.5 - 7.5 cc)
4-Stroke .56 - .65 cu. in. (9.2 - 10.7 cc)


Elevator Low Rate 1  1/4 inch 32 mm Up and Down    
  High Rate 2      inch 51 mm Up and Down  
Rudder Low Rate 1  7/8 inch  48 mm Right and Left  
  High Rate 2      inch  51 mm Right and Left  
Ailerons Low Rate 1      inch 25 mm Up and Down  
  High Rate 2  1/4 inch 57 mm Up and Down  
Center of Gravity 3  1/2 inch 89 mm From leading edge at root
Dihedral   0      degrees 0 degrees Per panel    
Incidence   + 0 degree wing, 0 degree stabilizer      
Engine Offset  0 degree down, 0 degree right      
    English Metric Number Required  
Pilot   2 inch 51 mm 1    
Main Wheels 2  3/4 inch 70 mm 2    
Tail Wheels 1      inch 25 mm 1    
Fuel Tank   8 ounce 237 cc 1    
Spinner   2.25 inch 57 mm 1    
Covering   3 rolls depending on trim scheme  

  • 100% Laser-Cut Parts for Absolute Accuracy and Fast Building
  • Famous Sig Quality Balsa and Ply
  • Complete Hardware Packages Included
  • High Quality .090 Hardened Aluminum Pre-Formed and Pre-Drilled Landing Gear
  • Fantastic Performance Using Either .40 - .46 2-Stroke or .56 - .65 4-Stroke Engines
  • Complete Photo-Illustrated Assembly Manual for Fast, Easy Assembly
  • Crystal Clear Canopy
  • Precision Molded Wheel Pants
  • Full-Size CAD-Generated Plans - Rolled
  • Design Incorporates Removable Wing Panels for Easy Storage and Transport
  • The Perfect Club Contest Airplane
Somethin' Extra Kit Instruction Manual
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