If you are looking for an R/C model that is easy to build and exciting to fly, the KOUGAR is for you! This sleek jet-style airplane has a fully symmetrical wing section for smooth pattern-like aerobatics. The KOUGAR will do every stunt in the book, yet it is not difficult for low-time pilots to handle. Ample wing area and a thick airfoil provide outstanding slow speed stability.

Kougar "early Thunderbird" color scheme

Built-in wing "washout" eliminates tip stalling, enabling the KOUGAR to be slowed down to a walk for realistic nose-high landings. The KOUGAR is highly recommended as an introduction to low-wing flying and for beginning pattern competitors.

Don't let the KOUGAR's racy lines worry you. Construction of this sport model is simple and straight forward. The load-carrying and equipment-carrying portion of the fuselage is basic balsa box structure.
Once that is built, you add a molded plastic fuselage top, a molded clear plastic canopy, and a molded plastic cowling, to give the KOUGAR its modern jet-style shaped. The wings are white foam core with 1/16 in. thick balsa sheeting. Tail surfaces are sheet balsa.

Wingspan 50 in 1270 mm
Wing Area 540 sq in 34.8 dm²
Length 47 in 1194 mm
Flying Weight 5.5 - 6 lb 2500 - 2720g
Wing Loading 23 - 25 oz/sq ft 70 -76 g/dm²
Radio Required 4-Channel (not included)

Engine Required



Set Up Specifications

















2-Stroke .40 - .60 (6.5 - 10 cc) (not included)



Elevator     3/8 inch 9.5 mm Up and Down  
Rudder   1  1/2 inch  38 mm Right and Left
Ailerons     1/4 inch 6.4 mm Up and Down
Center of Gravity   1/2 inch 13 mm Back from tip
Dihedral   1      inch 25.4 mm Pre Wing Panel
Incidence   +0 degree wing, 0 degree stabilizer    
Engine Offset 0 degree down, 0 degree right    
    English Metric Number Required
Pilot   1  1/2 inch 38 mm 1  
Main Wheels 2.5 inch 64 mm 2  
Nose Wheel   2.5   64 mm 1  
Fuel Tank   10 ounce 295 cc 1  
Spinner   2  1/2 inch 70 mm 1  
Covering   3 rolls depending on trim scheme

Optional Kougar ACCESSORY KIT

Order No. SIGAK235


  • Pre-Cut Foam Wing Cores
  • 1/16 " Balsa Wing Sheeting
  • Basic Balsa Box Fuselage Structure
  • Molded ABS Plastic Fuselage Top
  • Molded Jet-Style Clear Canopy
  • Injection-Molded ABS Plastic Cowling
  • Sheet Balsa Tail Surfaces
  • Formed Landing Gear Wires
  • Steerable Nose Gear
  • Photo-Illustrated Assembly Manual

  • Control Horns
  • Nose Gear Bearing
  • SIG Easy Hinges
  • Fiberglass Wing Tape
  • Bolts, Nuts and Screws
  • Torque Rods
  • R/C Links and Rods
  • Engine Mounts
  • Since the KOUGAR is a sport model, not a scale model, no decals are included in the kit. However, after numerous requests, SIG does have available several decal sheets that make it easy for you to decorate your KOUGAR to look like the world famous U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. You can duplicate either the early period silver Thunderbird scheme or the white "team number" color scheme that the Thunderbirds use today.
    For early-period Thunderbird markings order:
    Kougar Stars & Bars Decal Sheet -
    Order No. SIGDKM235AB
    Kougar Black Lettering Sheet -
    Order No. SIGDKM235AC

    For modern Thunderbird Team markings order:
    Kougar Team Numbers Sheet -
    Order No. SIGDKM235B
    Kougar Team Insignia Sheet -
    Order No. SIGDKM235C

    Kougar Mark II Kit Instruction Manual
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    Complete Pdf (5.3 Mb) Download

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