If a fast roll rate, sizzling vertical climb, and dazzling good looks turn you on, take a close look at the King Kobra.

R/C Sport Pattern Model For .60 Engines

The foam core wing and unique fuselage construction get you in the air fast with a model that looks as good as it flies! If you want the largest and best performing model you can get without spending a lot of money, it’s hard to beat a .60 size pattern plane.

The King Kobra fly's great with a sport .60 R/C engine and it's big enough to dazzle the crowds and to easily see, even at extreme distances. If you want to soup this model up to the max, the building instructions include tips on tuned pipes and retracts. A fully symmetrical wing and airfoiled stabilizer make the King Kobra fly super smooth. It can make an average Sunday flier look like an expert!

Wingspan 58 in 1473 mm
Wing Area 700 sq in 45.1 dm²
Weight 7.5 lb 3400 g
Wing Loading 25 oz/sq ft 76 g/dm²
Radio Required 4-Channel (not included)
Engine Required

2-Stroke .60 (10 cc) (not included)


Set Up Specifications
Elevator     9/16 inch 14 mm Up and Down    
Rudder   1  5/8 inch  41 mm Right and Left  
Ailerons     1/4 inch 6 mm Up      
      5/32 inch 4 mm Down    
Center of Gravity 5  5/16 inch 135 mm Back from leading edge at root
Dihedral   1  3/16 inch 30 mm Pre Wing Panel  
Incidence   +1/3 degree wing, 0 degree stabilizer      
Engine Offset 0 degree down, 0 degree right      
 Accessories   English Metric Number Required  
Pilot   2      inch 51 mm 1    
Main Wheels 2.5 inch 64 mm 2    
Nose Wheel 2.75   70 mm 1    
Fuel Tank   14 ounce 414 cc 1    
Spinner   2  1/2 inch 64 mm 1    
Covering   3 rolls depending on trim scheme  

  • Pre-Cut Foam Wing Cores
  • 1/16 in Balsa Wing Sheeting
  • Basic Balsa Box Fuselage Structure
  • Molded ABS Plastic Fuselage Top
  • Molded Jet-Style Clear Canopy
  • Built-Up Airfoiled Stabilizer
  • Formed Landing Gear Wires
  • Steerable Nose Gear
  • Injection-Molded Plastic Cowling
  • Full-Size Plans
  • Photo-Illustrated Assembly Manual
  • Engine Mounts
  • Standard Trike Landing Gear
  • King Kobra Name Decal
  • Sig Easy Hinges
  • Complete Hardware Pack
  • King Kobra Kit Instruction Manual Complete Pdf (4.6 Mb) Download


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