The KADET MARK II has provided thousands of fledgling R/Cers with their first success at radio control. The .40 size KADET MARK II is a full-house 4-channel trainer with ailerons.

You can't go wrong with a KADET! For over 25 years, the SIG KADET has been helping new R/C pilots earn their wings. It was the first model airplane on the market that was designed from the ground up for learning to fly R/C.

A SIG KADET has all the features a good trainer needs.

  • High Wing Configuration For Stability
  • Flat Bottom Airfoil For Slow Flight Speed
  • Tricycle Landing Gear For Easy Takeoffs And Landings
  • Strong Sheet Balsa Construction For Durability
  • Comprehensive Photo-Illustrated Instructions

Optional SIG Kadet Mark II ACCESSORY KIT - Click Here
All the accessories you need to complete your Kadet Mark II. Order No. SIGAK249

Wingspan 57.25 in 1455 mm
Wing Area 635 sq in 41.0 dm²
Length 44.25 in 1125 mm
Flying Weight: 5 lb 2268 g
Wing Loading 18 oz/sq ft 55 g/m²
Radio Required 4-Channel (not included)
Engine Required 2-Stroke .25 - .40 cu. in. (4.1 - 6.5 cc) (Not Included)
Set Up Specifications
Elevator     7/16 inch 11 mm Up and Down    
Rudder     7/16 inch  11 mm Right and Left  
Ailerons     7/16 inch 11 mm Up and Down  
Center of Gravity 2-5/8 - 3-1/8 inch 67 - 79 mm Back from leading edge  
Dihedral   2      degrees 2 degrees Pre Wing Panel  
Incidence   +1/4 degree wing, 0 degree stabilizer      
Engine Offset 2-1/2 degree down, 0 degree right      
 Accessories   English Metric Number Required  
Pilot   None None 0    
Main Wheels 2  1/4 inch 57 mm 2    
Nose Wheel   2  3/4 inch 70 mm 1    
Fuel Tank   10 ounce 296 cc 1    
Spinner   2 inch 51 mm 1    
Covering   2 rolls depending on trim scheme  

  • Sig Easy Hinges
  • Full-Size Plans
  • Nose Gear Bearing
  • Engine Mounts
  • Free copy of "The Basics of R/C"
  • Control Horns
  • R/C Links and Rods
  • Elevator and Rudder Pushrods
  • Rugged Balsa/Ply Construction
  • Precision Die-Cutting
  • Steerable Nose Gear
  • Formed Aluminum Landing Gear
  • Molded ABS Cowling
  • Aileron Torque Rods and Pushrods
  • Bolts, Nuts, Screws
  • Photo-Illustrated Assembly Manual
Kadet Mk II Kit Instruction Manual
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