The Original "Hands Off" Trainer

We believe that first attempts at R/C flying should be with an inherently stable model that flies slow enough to give the student pilot time to think and react. The original KADET SENIOR is an ultra-light weight design that flies so slowly and gently that just about anyone can handle it on their very first try! If the student pilot gets confused, merely let go of the control sticks and the KADET SENIOR will recover itself and return back to level flight. This is the original 3-channel KADET SENIOR build-it-yourself kit. Thousands of new R/C pilots have learned to fly with this legendary airplane.

The KADET SENIOR is the result of Hall of Fame designer Claude McCullough's 50+ years in the model airplane hobby. Everything about the SENIOR has been designed to make it the easiest to fly trainer in the world. It has all of the features that a student pilot needs to be successful.

  • High-Wing configuration, large tail surfaces, and generous dihedral for true "hands off" stability.
  • Flat-Bottom Airfoil, lightweight construction, and a ultra-light wing loading allow the Kadet Senior to cruise around effortlessly at amazingly low speeds.
  • Tricycle landing gear for easy ground handling.
  • Superior all-balsa design with a strength-to-weight advantage that ARF trainers can't approach.
Optional SIG Kadet Senior ACCESSORY KIT
All the accessories you need to complete your Kadet Senior. Order No. SIGAK258

Wingspan 78 in 1981 mm
Wing Area 1150 sq in 74.2 dm²
Length 62 in 1575 mm
Flying Weight 6 lbs 2720 g
Wing Loading 12 oz/sq ft 37 g/dm²
Radio Required 3 Channels with 3 Standard Servos (not included)

Engine Required
(not included)

Set Up Specifications

















.2-Stroke .29 - .40 cu. in. (4.8 - 6.5 cc)
.4-Stroke .35 - .65 cu. in. (5.7 - 7.4 cc)


Elevator     3/4 inch 19 mm Up and Down    
Rudder     7/8 inch  22 mm Right and Left  
Center of Gravity 3  7/8 inch 98 mm At Main Spar  
Dihedral   3      degrees 3 degrees Pre Wing Panel  
Incidence   +1-1/2 degree wing, 0 degree stabilizer      
Engine Offset 6 degree down, 0 degree right      
    English Metric Number Required  
Pilot   2  5/8 inch 67 mm 1    
Main Wheels 3.75 inch 95 mm 2    
Nose Wheel   3.25   83 mm 1    
Fuel Tank   12 ounce 355 cc 1    
Spinner   2      inch 51 mm 1    
Covering   3 rolls depending on trim scheme  

  • Formed Wire Landing Gear
  • Steerable Nose Gear
  • Clear Plastic Windows
  • Full-Size Plans
  • SIG Easy Hinges
  • Engine Mounts
  • R/C Links and Rods
  • Super Lightweight Balsa/Ply Structure
  • Precision Die-Cut Ribs and Formers
  • Photo-Illustrated Assembly Manual
  • Control Horns
  • Elevator and Rudder Pushrods
  • Complete Hardware Pack
Kadet Senior Kit Instruction Manuals
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