SIG Fan Balancer Kit

With today’s electric ducted fans spinning at over 30,000 rpm’s, having a balanced fan has never been more critical. At these high rpm’s, a difference in just a few tenths of a gram can lead to excessive vibration and a reduction in thrust.
The SIG Fan Balancer is a precision, high-tech instrument capable of detecting the smallest out of balance situation. It all starts with the shaft. The shaft on the Fan Balancer is made from high-speed steel (the same steel used for drill bits and machine tools) manufactured to a straightness of 1/1,000 mm and utilizing precision machine ground ends. Then the shaft is suspended between two powerful rare earth magnets. All that would make for a good fan balancer but at SIG, we went the extra step. We added an adjustment screw so that you can precisely adjust the spacing so that only ONE end of the shaft is touching a magnet. This provides for the least amount of possible friction. SIG Fan Balancer Kit
SIG Fan Balancer Kit For minimal friction, only one end of the shaft touches a magnet.

Your electric ducted fan model airplane is a marvel of model engineering. Shouldn't your fan balancer be just as sophisticated?

Also does a fantastic job of balancing small propellers.

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